Character Blade Mixer (Pack of 2)
Character Blade Mixer (Pack of 2)

Character Blade Mixer (Pack of 2)

Baby Blendy
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This replacement character blade is our bread and butter when it comes to mixing the formula, In just a couple of seconds your formula or additive will be mixed and ready for your baby to feed. We wanted to design a safe blade that can mix your formula without having to worry about any harmful situations occurring. Baby Blendy can be utilized to easily and thoroughly mix powdered baby formula, rice and oatmeal cereals in seconds. So, you can spend more energy on your baby and not on shaking a bottle. Just push the button and watch the magic happen. The magic is in Blendy’s mixer, it spins its mixer rapidly creating a powerful cyclone swirl that does all the mixing for you, hands-free. This is a much better way to mix milk because it reduces foaming and air bubbles from mixing within the milk. This helps cut down your baby from swallowing air, thereby reducing post feeding discomfort symptoms like gas, spit-up, colic and other discomforts. Blendy also completely dissolves all chunks of formula, giving your baby all the nutrients and does not clog the baby bottle nipple. Blendy was not only design for powdered formula but for Breast milk as well. When Breast milk is stored, the milk separates into layers, fats will rise to the top. Our product will help mix your baby’s breast milk thoroughly.


Baby Blendy Character Blade Mixer. (2-pack)

    • Blends any baby formula, rice, and oatmeal cereal

    • Easy to remove

    • Easy to clean

    • Curved designed  

    • Fast mixing in 7 seconds 

    • <li

>Dishwasher safe top rack only

  • 2 replacement Blade Mixers