Why You Need a Bottle Mixer for Your Baby

Feeding time isn’t just about getting your baby the nutrition it needs. Your baby’s nutrition is obviously important, but feedings also offer an important bonding opportunity for parents and baby, and as such are extremely important to your baby’s emotional and psychological development. Unfortunately, the tasks involved in feedings often get in the way of these important bonding opportunities, either because the routine of getting the bottle ready can be a bit stressful at 3 AM when there’s a hungry, crying baby, or because the baby’s gas and discomfort following the feeding lead to more fussing and probable spit-ups, injecting stress into that relaxing bonding moment. The baby bottle mixer may be the answer.baby bottle mixer

What is the baby bottle mixer?

The baby bottle mixer was specifically designed to help ease the stress of feeding time. The mixer combines meal preparation and delivery into one compact and efficient unit to make mealtime even simpler. It clicks together to create a rechargeable, battery-operated, portable, hands-free blender and baby bottle in one—and it’s applicable whether you feed formula or breast milk.

How does it work?

If you feed formula, you simply add the water and formula to the bottle, wind the nipple on, place the bottle on the mixer base, and press the button. The blender mixes powdered baby formula, rice, and oatmeal cereals in seconds, completely dissolving all formula to ensure your baby gets his or her complete nutritional requirements (without leaving any unmixed formula in the bottle that could clog the nipple. If you feed breast milk, the blender offers an easy and hands-free way to mix any milk that stored fats has separated when it was stored.

What does the baby bottle mixer offer that other bottles don’t?

The baby bottle mixer offers a better way to mix your baby’s milk or formula. The spin mixer creates a quick and powerful cyclone within the bottle that allows the formula to mix while reducing air bubbles and foaming about 60%. This helps prevent the discomforts that can follow feeding, including gas, spit-up, and colic. The baby bottle mixer also features an anti-colic bottom air vent system, Four different flow rates, and a scientifically designed silicone nipple that simulates a natural, comfortable shape for your baby, making it easier for your baby to feed and easier for you to transition your baby from breast to bottle. Further, the mixer is designed for ease of use. It has a real-time battery life indicator to let you know when it needs to be recharged, and its efficient, portable design makes it as convenient for travel as it is for your everyday use.

Are you ready for feeding time to be more about bonding and less about the stress of meal prep?

The baby bottle mixer provides you with a more convenient and effective option when it comes to feedings, and that means feeding time can be better for you and your baby, physically as well as emotionally and psychologically, regardless of whether you are at home, out and about for the day, or traveling to a family holiday destination. Visit our website so you can take an even closer look at the bottle that could revolutionize your whole feeding schedule.