Why it is Advisable to Buy Anti-colic Baby Bottles Online?

Congratulations on your new baby! You’ve probably heard all of the horror stories – the sleepless nights, explosive you-know-whats, and the continual search for just a moment’s rest. One of every parent’s worst fears is that their child will be colicky, and they try everything to reduce the chances of colic. You probably have a lot of the things required for your baby, but have you bought the best anti-colic bottle that will help reduce your baby’s chances of becoming colicky?best anti colic bottles

What is “colic”? How can you avoid it?

Crying is normal for a newborn, but a colicky baby will be fussy for weeks, with high-pitched crying, and it will be difficult to comfort and console. “Colic” is the above-average ‘fussiness’ where a healthy baby will cry for more than three hours a day, more than three times a week, and for at least three weeks; it affects upwards of 40% of children. Although doctors are uncertain as to exactly what causes colic, there are many commonalities in each case, including discomfort from things like indigestion or being gassy from the air in their milk or formula (usually caused by shaking to mix it up). Possibly one of the best anti-colic baby formula mixing methods is to blend instead of shaking in the bottle, as it reduced air bubbles, decreasing the chances that your baby may develop colic while helping settle your baby’s tummy.

Various designs – which is the best?

Many companies now cleverly design various systems within their bottles to reduce colic, including various ventilation and systems to keep air from being sucked in by your baby while they eat. Arguably, the best anti-colic bottle would include these systems, but also incorporate a way to blend your baby’s food so as to reduce the introduction of air into their food in the first place. Baby Blendy is considered one of the best anti-colic bottles available, is the only bottle that incorporates a small blender that mixes formula and foods in seconds, and it also reduces the air bubble and foaming by 70%. Another great feature Baby Blendy has is a bottom anti-colic air vent system. Specially designed to allow the milk to pass through the nipple smoother, separating air from the milk so baby won’t swallow it, and this helps to reduce upset tummies and colic.

Where can you buy anti-colic bottles?

You can buy anti-colic bottles pretty much anywhere that sells the products that are needed for newborns and toddlers; however, considering your busy schedule, and the fact that it is now more likely to be chaotic and stressful to go out to shopping centers with a newborn in tow, it is advisable for you to take advantage of the internet to shop for your baby’s best anti-colic bottle online! Besides, you don’t have to worry about your baby acting up, and you can stay in whatever makes you comfortable while you get what you need. Additionally, you can buy now the best anti-colic bottles for babies online using a company like Baby Blendy.

Baby Blendy is taking orders now, and they will ship fast. Since they’ll be delivered right to your door, you won’t have to do much more than answer it; with all of this saved time, and with the best anti colic bottles at your disposal, you can focus on what matters most.