What You Need to Know about Baby Bottle Blender

Are you thinking about getting a blender for your baby’s formula? Good idea. There are many ways that a formula blender will make things easier for you. Feeding your baby is a joy, of course, but like every task, there are always a few inconveniences that make the task more complicated. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a baby bottle blender, not just any blender!

It can mix formula, cereal, oatmeal, and milk in just fourteen seconds, completely, right inside the bottle. When your baby wakes up hungry and fussy, you can have a meal ready in just seconds, and with the baby bottle blender, you don’t have to worry about some of the formula not being properly mixed. Your baby can become colicky after a bottle because of improperly mixed formula, or too much air intake during feeding can contribute to gas and stomach pain. Waiting for baby to burp up their meal is one of the inconveniences that parents must face.
baby bottle blender
Reducing symptoms

The award-winning Baby Blendy Bottle reduces sixty percent of the air bubbles created because the formula is blended right in the bottle, and the air vent on the bottom helps to eliminate even more.

Blending the formula, or breast milk right there in the bottle means that there is no transfer of liquid from bottle to bottle, no movement of air, and no shaking of the bottle to move the liquid around. So not only does it take less time, it means that more of the goodness gets to your little one.

Air vent

A lot of bottles have air vents on the nipple, which means that the baby takes in the air along with the liquid. This bottle vents the air out the bottom, so with the baby bottle blender baby is a lot less gassy.

With a messy and gassy baby, sometimes parents don’t want the hassle of going out during the day with a baby, because there is extra work to do. But, if you have the baby bottle blender on your team, taking care of the baby is much easier. You don’t have to worry about traditional bottle feeding, spit-ups, and fussiness.

Travel easy

This is a very portable, very convenient system. It is a fully rechargeable, completely portable, battery-operated baby bottle blender. You never have to worry about not having power for it. In fact, it works as hard as you do. Just add the formula to the bottle, press the button, and wait fourteen seconds. That’s it. And if all of that isn’t convenient enough, it is also very easy to clean.

Don’t forget; it’s cute! It’s easy to hold onto, has comfort curves and an adorable little spinning monkey as the blending portion! One of the best new things to know about this award-winning baby bottle blender is that, as baby grows, the Blendy bottle can stay part of feeding time because it converts to a sippy cup complete with handles and a sippy spout nipple that will make it just right.

Everyone, from your baby to your doctor, loves the baby bottle blender. It makes feeding time a joy again.