What is the Difference between Nursing and Formula?

New mothers often worry about providing their babies with the best possible nutrition. The debate between nursing vs formula has been going on since the invention of formula itself. What is the difference?

What makes nursing so great?

There is a common saying that “breast is best” when comparing nursing vs formula. What makes nursing superior to formula? There are a few key elements in breast milk that science hasn’t been able to duplicate in formula.

Breast milk naturally has the perfect blend of vitamins, fats, proteins and antibodies to help your baby grow strong and healthy. Antibodies in breast milk help babies fight bacteria and viruses. Babies who nurse are five times less likely to catch a respiratory illness. Nursing babies also suffer less often from earaches and diarrhea as well as have an easier time digesting. When weighing the nutritional and antibody benefits for your baby between nursing vs formula, nursing comes out on top.

Did you know that nursing is also good for the mother? When a mother nurses her baby, her body produces the hormone oxytocin that helps her uterus recover from pregnancy and birth. There are also long-term benefits for a nursing mother when comparing nursing vs formula. Mothers who nursed their babies reduce their lifetime risk for breast and ovarian cancers. Some studies also show that nursing reduces the mother’s risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

What about formula?

Now you might be wondering why anyone would choose formula when comparing nursing vs formula. Even though nursing is better, formula is not bad. Formula is scientifically balanced to provide the nutrients that your baby needs to grow healthy and strong. Formula even contains some vitamins that breast milk does not, like vitamin D and iron.

The most important thing to consider when deciding which is right for you and your baby in the nursing vs formula debate is having a healthy and happy baby. If nursing is not working for either you or your baby, then formula is the way to go.

Nursing vs formula... or both?

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to choose between nursing or formula? Once a baby is sufficiently used to nursing, it is possible to introduce formula into the diet. Not all babies tolerate the difference in taste so you will have to follow your baby’s lead.

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The choice between nursing vs formula is a personal choice for each mother to make. Whichever you choose, be confident that you are doing the best for your baby!