What is Colic and What are Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

What is better than the time that you and your baby spend together? When you feed your baby, you want that time to be a special time when the bond is formed. Colic certainly does not need to be a part of that. It doesn’t have to be, either, and although colic is frustrating and mysterious, it is better for parents to be prepared for it, and to have supports in place—like anti-colic baby bottles.

What is colic?

Colic might be stomachache. Research is not actually sure. There are many possibilities as to why a contented, newborn baby suddenly seems to be in distress. Baby seems to be in pain, or he or she seems very angry. Colic, for whatever reason, can have your baby crying uncontrollably for as much as three hours a day, most days of the week. It is a temporary problem, and many babies do develop it at some point, usually within their first two or three months. The reason why maybe a number of things. It may be caused by hunger, or perhaps by undigested food. Sadly, your little one can only tell you about it with tears because that is how they communicate. However, if either of those problems are the cause, an anti-colic baby bottle can be the solution.

anti-colic baby bottles
Your baby is healthy, just fussy. Colic is not usually a serious problem, so don’t worry. Colic starts in the first few weeks after birth, increases to its top point at about six weeks, and comes to an end between 10 to 12 weeks. Even though it is temporary, it is a hard time for everyone. It’s very stressful, heartbreaking, and exhausting for both of you. The best thing to do for mom and caregivers is to keep calm and make things easier where you can. That includes incorporating an anti-colic baby bottle into your feeding schedule.

The biggest danger from colic is in the stress and exhaustion that it causes in parents. Babies who cry for hours a day, for days at a time are frustrating, especially for caregivers who are already finding it difficult to cope. Parents under stress may do things in the heat of the moment that they regret, such as shake the baby in frustration or otherwise do harm. The risk is greater when parents don’t have information or proper supports. Staying calm, getting enough sleep, and finding products, such as anti colic baby bottles, that can help will make this time a little easier and will help you feel less helpless.

How do you know if colic is the problem?

Colic occurs in otherwise healthy babies. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is assumed that colic is the cause of the crying because of the age of the infant and because the crying is quite intense, seeming more like screaming, with no apparent, obvious reason. Babies with colic are tense and stiff, fists are clenched, legs are stiff and sometimes his or her face becomes quite red. Baby seems very angry and he or she remains fussy, sometimes even after the bout of colic ends. Often, colic happens at the same time every evening. Although the actual causes of colic are unknown, it is possible that baby’s digestive system is still developing, or that there are some food allergies, or an imbalance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. An anti-colic baby bottle might be able to help with many of these possibilities.

What are anti-colic baby bottles?

Anti-colic baby bottles can make things a little easier for the parents to feed the little one by enabling them to have things prepared in advance. Colic is commonly the reason that mom stops breast feeding earlier than she had intended, but being able to blend formula or breast milk in the blender bottle in advance can make things a lot less stressful for parents.

Relief from the colic often comes after baby has passed gas or had a bowel movement. This is because they have swallowed a great deal of air while crying, so they do feel better afterwards. Babies also swallow air while feeding, and an anti-colic bottle keeps the air swallowing to a minimum. When a colicky baby also swallows air, this increases the pain and discomfort, and the problem becomes worse.

An anti-colic baby bottle has ventilations to let air out, and a breast-like silicone nipple that is shaped as it should be, just the right size, and doesn’t let air in. Different nipple sizes allow food to flow in at just the right speed.

Even after the colicky period has passed, using an anti-colic baby bottle can take a great deal of the stress away from busy, exhausted moms. An anti-colic baby bottle is redesigned to be simple to use and ready in seconds. That is because there is more to this bottle than a well-shaped nipple and ventilation vents. Find a baby bottle that has a mixer built right in! This makes the preparation and clean-up fast. An anti-colic baby bottle that is also a blender bottle is a big help.

Anti-colic baby bottles help with indigestion too

One of the possible causes of colic is indigestion, and indigestion continues into the later months and the toddler years. Indigestion is caused by air in the formula, and also by improperly blended food. With an anti-colic blender bottle, baby can quickly be given properly blended breast milk, or well mixed formulas and cereals in seconds. When mom is ready to go out, food is ready to go, too.

Anti-colic baby bottles are one of those helps that give support to everyone’s needs. The best baby bottle is a baby blender bottle that easily mixes nourishment so that mom can spend more time on her baby and less on worries about the bottle. It’s hands-free, which is also a big help. With the blender and ventilations, air does not get into the milk, and this reduces discomfort and gas.

Don’t let feeding time or cuddle time be compromised. An anti-colic baby bottle with a blender is intended to make things easier and less stressful during the first few weeks, and months.

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