What Do You Need to Know While Picking the Best Baby Bottles?

Parenthood is both deeply exciting and horribly stressful, especially for new parents. You bring home a tiny bundle of joy, and along with that happy bundle comes stress and uncertainty, but also happiness and love. As a new parent and even a veteran parent, one of the most important things you need to research for your new baby is the best baby bottle for your child.
best baby bottles

Babies and Colic:

Colic is fairly common with new babies, and it is also, unfortunately, very frustrating for parents to deal with. Colic occurs when otherwise healthy babies fuss and cry for long periods of time due to uncomfortable gas in their tummies. Parents usually burp their babies by patting them gently on the back after a feeding, but sometimes those post-meal burps can be accompanied with part of the meal and nutrients the baby just ate. Some babies are more prone to colic than others, and a frequent cause for this fussiness is due to excess gas creating abdominal pain in the baby. Babies need frequent feeding and burping, and colic and messy, unwieldy baby bottles can be unnecessary stress for tired, overworked parents. The best baby bottles lower the amount of excess gas in babies, and they are simple for the parents to prepare.

Which Baby Bottles are Best?

Ultimately, that will be up to your baby and how fussy they are with their bottle. However, the best baby bottles are the ones that make feeding your baby a cinch, including bottle prep time. Baby Blendy offers the best baby bottle with doctor-approved anti-colic features, including a mixer that lets the parent quickly and easily mix any baby formula, cereals and breast milk in seconds. The anti-colic feature of this bottle works by reducing air bubbles by 60%, and thereby reducing the gas (and fussiness) of your baby.

Too much air intake while feeding leads to messy burps and colic, so Baby Blendy’s safe and effective portable bottle, which uses USB rechargeable batteries and boasts a powerful in-bottle blender, reduces foam and air bubbles in milk or cereal. There is an anti-colic air vent in the bottom of the bottle, too, which is specifically designed to let the milk to pass smoothly through the nipple, separating milk from the air so the baby won’t swallow the excess air. This helps lower the number of instances of upset tummies and colic, making it the best baby bottle on the market.

It can also be challenging to feed your baby while you are out and about, so having a baby bottle the go is perfect for parents and hungry babies. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best baby bottle for your new baby, you’ll find it at Baby Blendy.

Don’t settle for inferior bottles that cause your baby discomfort. Use the best baby bottle on the market to prevent discomfort after feeding, to keep your baby well-fed and happy, and to ease the stress a colicky baby can cause.