Three Things You Didn’t Know About the Mom Transition

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event and one that many women look forward to. There is a lot of information out there to prepare for this transition but there are also a lot of things people do not tell you about becoming a mother. It is the hardest but most rewarding job you will ever do and one that brings with it many changes.




Why Do I Still Look Pregnant?

Your body will take a long time to return to the state it was in pre-pregnancy, if it ever does. It spent nine months growing that tiny human inside you, so it can take a least that long to get back to normal. Be prepared for some things like your hips and stomach to possibly have a new normal look. During pregnancy and childbirth, your hips spread out and as a result may always remain wider spread than they were. The skin on your stomach also stretches an incredible amount throughout pregnancy and while you may get your flat tummy back, you will also likely have loose stretched out skin too. 

Speaking of flat tummies, do not expect to leave the hospital with one. That pregnancy bump does not just magically disappear with the birth of your baby. Just like everything else, it takes time to return to its normal size. Your hair will also experience some significant changes from all the hormones in your body. It is common for it to thin out and become weaker. Many women also experience a significant amount of hair loss. Eventually, the hormones balance out, and your hair will return to its normal state.


Never Say Never

Most women will spend hours looking over parenting books during their pregnancy preparing for the type of mother they want to be. They likely have a vision in mind of the relationship they will have with their children and how their parenting style will look. This can include a long list of things they plan on doing and an equally long list of things they swear they will never do. While this is a good starting point for parenting, it is important to remember that most times there really are no right or wrong answers. 

A lot of time the journey of motherhood is one of trial and error. You have to do what works best for you and your family. Your best-laid plans may fall to the wayside as reality sets in, and that is okay. That strict policy of not bringing your baby to bed with you may go out the window if you have a crying baby who only sleeps with you. Your plans of exclusively breastfeeding may have to be changed up, to meet either your baby's needs or even your own. Whatever the case may be, things will not always go as planned and you just may end up doing the very things you swore you never would.


Sleep Is Underrated

Every new parent expects the sleepless nights that come with a baby, but you will never be able to understand them until you have experienced them. Babies’ sleep patterns are over all the place, they may even have their nights mixed up their days. As a result, your sleep schedule will also be over the place too. Sleepless nights will blur into days, making you feel like a zombie. Though you may be running on fumes, you will still be able to function and make it through. More importantly, so will your baby.  Learning to cope with only a few hours of sleep and being exhausted will become your new normal.

While the transition to motherhood is different for everyone, all mothers will experience highs and lows. This a transition where the highs will always outweigh the lows. Make sure to not let the lows overwhelm you, and enjoy all the journey has to bring. At Baby Blendy we want to help make the transition just a bit easier with our award-winning bottles designed to make feeding your baby a stress-free experience.  Click here to learn more.