Things You Need to Know About a Baby Bottle Mixer

Looking for the best way to feed your baby is important; you want something that is going to be easy to use, portable, and that also is effective at feeding your baby in a safe manner. One item that you may never want to go without again after using it for feeding your baby is a baby bottle mixer. While feeding your baby can be an enjoyable experience, getting ready for it can be a hassle; mixing up the formula, milk, oatmeal, or cereal in a bowl or container, then transferring it to a bottle can introduce too much air, or you may mix it not quite properly. With the use of a baby bottle mixer that can mix in its bottle and then serve from that bottle, you can prepare food quickly for a fussy baby; but, you want one that can minimize the amount of air being taken in by your child to minimize risks of colic, gas, or stomach pains.
baby bottle mixer

Signature Air Vent

There is a new baby bottle mixer on the market called the Baby Blendy. It is an award-winning mixer that is capable of drastically reducing the amount of air your baby consumes while enjoying the meal you have prepared. Most baby bottles will include an air vent on the nipple of the bottle, but locating the air vent here can increase the amount of excess air in your baby’s meal. On the Baby Blendy Bottle, the air vent is on the bottom of the bottle, so when it is tipped into your baby’s mouth, it isn’t adding any air directly into the meal liquid.

This results in a baby bottle that is easy to use, but that also reduces the chances of having a gassy and messy baby after feeding. This means you can feed your baby on the go without the mess and fuss, all because of the signature air vent located on the baby bottle mixer.

Reducing Post-Feeding Symptoms Related to Air Bubbles

A baby bottle mixer with an air vent in the bottom means there are multiple reasons why your baby will be taking in less air while feeding. By blending your milk directly in the bottle there’s less movement of the liquids from transferring between bottles, bowls, etc. With less movement, less air is getting into the meal, and with the built-in blender, you don’t have to shake your bottle excessively to properly mix, also reducing the air bubbles and foam that is getting added.

Portable for Easy Travel

A baby bottle mixer is also a very portable method of feeding your baby. With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can mix your baby’s food on the go. You don’t have to worry about running out of power; with a USB charging port, you can find a place to charge it almost anywhere. When you’re on the go, just put in the formula, press the button, wait fourteen seconds, and the food is mixed properly and ready to go for your baby.

The Baby Blendy Bottle

The Baby Blendy Bottle is a new baby bottle mixer that is portable with a signature bottom air vent to help reduce air intake, and with added handles and sippy spout, you can continue to use it as your baby grows.