Things You have to Know About the Anti Colic Baby Bottles

Colicky babies will cry uncontrollably and will be very hard to soothe, as many parents have experienced. As a parent, your first reaction is to prevent that discomfort from ever happening again. What is one thing you can do to help alleviate colic? Try an anti colic baby bottle. There may be a number of products that claim to reduce colic, but there aren’t very many proven solutions, which is why you should do some research into the qualities that make an anti colic baby bottle the one to use for your loved one.

The anti colic design

You will want to start out by checking the function and design of the anti colic baby bottle you are looking at. What material is it made from? How’s the airflow? Is there accommodation for the different growth periods of your baby? These are all considerations when purchasing an anti colic baby bottle to help your little one become comfortable again.

The design of the anti colic baby bottle is critical when you are trying to reduce colic episodes for your baby and your family. You will want the design to reduce air bubbles and foaming, be easy to hold with a comfortable shape, and allow your formula or milk to pass through the nipple smoothly. An anti colic air vent is what gives these bottles the advantage in relieving your child of the pain of colic. Be sure that air vent will operate correctly, and that it is located in the best position for effective operation. A doctor recommended anti colic baby bottle gives you that much more confidence in how that bottle will perform for the baby and you.

Things to avoid

A parent may want to check out how easy this bottle is to clean as well—will formula or milk find its way into the design’s corners and crevices, making it hard to clean and sanitize? Anti colic baby bottles should also be made from BPA free, PVA free, and phthalates free material. These elements have been scientifically found to work against your baby’s natural development and affect hormone function.

Preventing indigestion with proper flow rates

Anti colic baby bottles also help to correct the flow rate. Keeping the nipple full of formula or milk will help to limit air in the nipple. Allowing the nipple to have air space may cause baby ingestion and colic. You will want the nipple on the anti colic baby bottle to be flexible and mimic the natural nipple. The nipple shape on your anti colic baby bottle should offer an easy transition from breast to bottle. Look for an anti colic baby bottle that has a variety of nipple flow rates as well. As your baby develops, the bottle’s nipple size and flow need to change to accommodate your little one’s growth. Another great feature that quality anti colic baby bottles are offering now is a locking nipple cover. This helps to secure the nipple and cover to the bottle, preventing spills and leaks.

When preparing the formula for use in an anti colic baby bottle, shaking to mix the solution should be avoided. This action only increases air and bubbles in the formula your baby will soon consume. Stirring, swirling, or (for the best effect) using a baby blender will help to control the amount of air that gets combined into the formula. This will eliminate or reduce the possibility of your baby developing colic and experiencing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

When you want to get all the benefits of a anti colic baby bottle that are compatible with most babies and their eating habits, be sure to look at all the properties of that bottle. Having a portable bottle mixing option can make traveling and daily routines that much easier. Click here to learn more.