The Importance of Reading to Your Newborn

Reading to your baby is a great way to bond and cuddle. Find out more about the importance of reading to your baby. 

Now that you’re home with your newborn and have begun to establish somewhat of a routine, it’s time to find some fun activities that you can do together. Even though your sweet little one can’t quite understand a plot or story, it is actually a great time to start reading to your new baby. Reading together is a great activity for either parent to start with their newborn, and it can last for their entire childhood. 



Benefits of Reading to Your Newborn

Reading to your newborn has a number of benefits for your baby and for you:


  • Cuddling up with a book is a great way to increase skin-on-skin contact, which has been proven to help both your baby and you to relax and bond with one another. 


  • Your newborn might not understand the words you are reading, but they quickly are learning to decipher your tone of voice, which is an important element in communication.


  • The bright contrasting colors, pictures, and textures that are often found in books suitable for newborns stimulate your baby’s mind and senses.


  • Sitting down with your baby and a book helps you to spend quality, relaxing one-on-one time with your baby. 


Choosing the Right Books for Newborns

Though reading the newspaper to your newborn baby in a positive, uplifting tone of voice can be useful, there are many books available that your baby might enjoy a little bit more than reading about current events. Look for books that have large pictures with highly contrasted colors. Some books have interactive elements like mirrors and textured touch-and-feel elements. Don’t forget your own personal tastes when choosing books for your baby – it should be something that you won’t mind reading over and over as your baby gets older. 


Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton is a brightly colored board book full of endearing animal characters. The rhythm of the words are easily sung and there is even a version available online that is sung by actor Eric Stoltz. 


Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt, which was first published in 1940, has been a favorite baby book for many generations. The book includes a variety of textures as well as a mirror which makes it a great, stimulating book for your little one. 


Piggies by Audrey Wood is a great board book that your newborn will love for many years. The illustrations are whimsical, and the story is easy to act out with your or your baby’s own fingers. 


Reading Provides Relaxation

Being the parent of a newborn can be incredibly stressful at times. Activities like reading and cuddling with your baby can help both of you to find some calm and peace together. You can also sing your favorite songs to your baby, gently dance with your baby in your arms, and talk to your newborn about whatever you are doing. Any time spent communicating with your baby offers great benefits for both you and your newborn. 


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