The Best Online Resources for New Parents

Summary: There is so much to know as a parent, especially as a new parent with an infant at home, or as a parent who has adopted and finds themself an instant parent to a toddler or adolescent. We have collected a few important online resources that run the gambit from social support to medical FAQs. 


Finding community is important

Many parents rely heavily on their tribes, otherwise known as other parents. The great thing about modern tech is that those parents don’t have to live next door. Your tribe can span the globe or be made of people from all over your city. Here are some great online parent communities for you to investigate.


Health Questions?


Figuring out what is normal and what is cause for concern can be tough. Whether you are wondering if the look of your newborn’s poop is normal, or you are trying to figure out the normal temperature range for a toddler, you can find that and more with these important and useful resources. – provides guidance and advice on everything from health and growth to behaviors, and it is useful from birth to the teen years. - Is your child presenting with a strange rash, or has a birthmark developed? The Mayo clinic is a great resource with photos of common childhood illnesses, symptoms, and other events. You should never self-diagnose, but sometimes having some idea of what is going can help put you at ease.

Your area may also offer telehealth services, which allow parents to call toll free and speak to a local nurse. This service can help you determine if you need take your child to the doctor immediately, or if you simply need to monitor their situation. They can also help you to answer questions about administering drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen and the proper dosage amounts for any age group.


Specialty Groups


Not every child or household situation is the same, and sometimes you could use help and advice from people who have walked a mile in your shoes. Just found out you’re pregnant with twins – or triplets!? – do you have a special needs child? Are you struggling with breastfeeding? You can find support groups for all these situations and more online. – La Leche League is the foremost resource on troubleshooting breastfeeding, and even finding help locally.

A simple online search can also put you in touch with highly specific special interest groups, of which there are hundreds on Facebook alone. – Many people struggle emotionally and mentally after welcoming a new baby. Postpartum International is great spot to begin your search for assistance. It is always important, however, to speak to your family doctor if you do find yourself struggling. You may be struggling with postpartum if you find yourself crying without reason or feeling uncharacteristically anxious and overwhelmed. – Their primary focus is on autism support and resources.


Early childhood education


Websites like Khan Academy are great places to start your search for information on how to engage with your infant, toddler and adolescent. You can find ideas and worksheets to help little minds grow. – Pinterest is full of parents and teachers sharing tools and ideas for fun activities for children of all ages. You can try your hand at baby sign language basics, learn about sensory activities or discover the latest educational toys and how they work.

The good news is there are a lot of helpful resources available online for new and experienced parents alike. Whatever you need, take a minute to browse a few of these resources online, and you may just find some great networks available right in your own area.