The Best Baby bottle to Prevent Gas

Gas in babies does happen, but it’s not the best part of mealtime, is it? You and your baby look forward to this time together, and so you should. Gassiness can make it a bit inconvenient, but generally, it’s nothing to worry about. You can make things a little easier though, by considering what might be causing gas and if there is something that can be changed. Some baby bottles make it easy, like the Baby Blendy Bottle. These are the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Information from WebMD suggests that babies can pass gas up to 21 times each day. What makes the little ones so windy? They swallow a lot of air, primarily. Some mothers blame their own diet, thinking that cutting out vegetables, or foods that make themselves gassy will help baby digest and be happy. Changing mom’s diet may help, and it is worth taking note, but it is not the main culprit. Babies swallow air when they suck, swallow or cry. When the trapped air fills their tummy, Baby burps, cries, spits up and, yes, even farts. The most distressing part is that this is painful for the baby bottles to prevent gas

The baby will grow out of it and indigestion will ease, but what can you do right now to help? For now, check the air that your little one is taking in. The best baby bottles to prevent gas in babies does so because it eliminates the amount of air that is swallowed.

The Baby Blendy bottle has a blender built right into the bottle so that the formula is mixed easily and all at once. If formula is mixed by hand, or by shaking it to take out the lumps, then air bubbles and foam enter in. With the Baby Blendy Bottles handy blender, the liquid flows smoothly.

The bottle also has its own ventilation system. There are vents on the bottom of the bottle to let the air release through while baby sucks from the top. This is an important consideration for the best baby bottle to prevent gas to have because the baby could miss out on essential nutrients if his or her tummy is so heavy with air that they don’t want to continue feeding.

This bottle will be your favorite bottle as soon as you try it. It’s easy to use, portable and has a built-in blender that is always charged and never leaks. You can always have a charged bottle ready whenever you go out. It doesn’t accidentally turn on in your bag, thanks to its convenient safety switch.

The best baby bottle to prevent gas doesn’t forget about aesthetics either. This bottle is cute, easy to hold and has a comfortable breast-like nipple. The blender mixer are so adorable that even baby will notice!

Parents and babies should make the most out of their time together. It won’t last forever. Be mindful of feeding and make it a pleasant, enjoyable, bonding time for everyone. Feeding time is a fun time and the Baby Blendy Bottle makes it a pleasure. You will be taking the best Baby Blendy Bottle to prevent gas with you everywhere.