Pediatrician or Family Doctor – Is There A Difference?

When it comes to the health and care of our babies, parents are fiercely proactive in protecting them, while staying prepared should anything come up. Part of this is finding the expert care we can trust and rely on for ongoing visits and checkups, as well as when injuries or sickness occur. Many parents wonder, what is the difference between a pediatrician and a family doctor, and when do we call upon each?

The truth is, there’s a time and place to turn to one over the other. While both are medical experts, the pediatrician has a deeper understanding and expertise around children’s health and medical care. Meanwhile the family doctor typically has a better understanding of the family, including their history, and maintains a long-term relationship with the child as they grow up. There are benefits to calling on both, and we’re breaking them down for today’s parents.

When do we call on the pediatrician?

When it comes to growth and development in young children, the pediatrician is the specialist. They understand the signs and symptoms children experience that are different from those of adults. In fact, they’re specially trained for it and they attend ongoing training periodically throughout their careers to stay on top of the latest education and research. Parents will typically establish their relationship with the pediatrician right from the birth of their babies. Regular visits can bring peace of mind and help to ensure the baby is growing and developing optimally, remains healthy, or any medical issues are properly treated and cared for. Certain circumstances that especially call for the pediatrician include babies born prematurely, those with special needs, and those still in need of their childhood immunizations.     

When do we call on the family doctor?

Most family doctors have in fact done work in pediatrics as well as internal medicine. They’re trained and certified to treat patients at any age, and they also invest in ongoing education and training to stay up to date and offer patients the best of care. Because they’re trained to treat all ages of patients, they offer the advantage of seeing multiple family members in one visit if needed. They also tend to more deeply understand the family’s medical history as a whole. This can help them to also better understand your child’s health as they’re aware of the entire family’s health and wellness needs. The family doctor also tends to develop a more long-term relationship with the family, as well as the child individually. This can develop a trust that means your child feels safer and happier when they need to visit the doctor.    

What’s best for the family

We know that parents today are more pressed to do what’s best for their children than ever before. The massive swarm of information available at our fingertips often has us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. We encourage parents to weigh out their decisions based on their little one’s individual health and medical requirements, and what’s best for the family. It’s about making the decisions that leave you feeling safe, your family feeling cared for, and make your child happiest. 

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