Newborn Skin Conditions


Newborn skin conditions are common and usually nothing to worry about. In fact, most of the time they only last about six months and they don’t bother your baby at all. However, it is a good idea to know what these conditions are so that you know whether you should be worried, or if there is anything that you could be doing differently.  

Newborn skin conditions do have medical titles and names, but they usually fall into three categories: rashes, pimples and blotches. 


Most are caused by mom’s hormones, overactive from pregnancy, that are still circulating around in her newborn’s bloodstream. Infant acne is one thing that will bother you more than it will bother your little one. Don’t scratch them, or try to treat the pimples, as that could cause scarring, or an infection. Certainly, don’t treat infant acne with any creams or gels that are prescribed for adults. 

Infant Eczema

Some rashes are irritating to baby and if the little one appears to be bothered by the rash, or if it doesn’t clear up quickly, then consult a doctor. Infant eczema can be a problem, as it is itchy and spreads from the face to the rest of the body. The pediatrician may prescribe an appropriate ointment, or antihistamine. 


Rashes can come from heat, or from being wet for too long. Examples are heat rash or diaper rash.  Rashes are red and bumpy and can be sore. It should go away quickly but the best thing to do is keep baby as clean and as dry as possible, and change his or her diaper frequently. If the rash is around the baby’s mouth, it may come from spitting up, or drooling, and from eating, suckling, or burping. 

Be Proactive

The best thing to do is not to worry about these problems unless the baby is fussy about them. If they don’t bother your little one, don’t let them bother you. They are not likely to be a serious issue. However, you can help yourself prevent rashes by being prepared, and having a good baby bottle or way to feed the baby that minimizes spit ups and messy burps.

When you go out, do make sure that you have everything baby needs with you. This eases stress and frustration. The Baby Blendy feeding system can make it easier to pack what you need for a fuss-free feeding. The formula in the Baby Blendy bottle is easy to make and blend wherever you are, even on the go. With a bottle that has less air, your baby will spit up less after feeding.  Also have extra diapers on hand so baby can stay clean and dry.