Is This Normal?!?! Five Things New Parents are Too Embarrassed to Ask

Description:  New babies are a joy, but a worry too. It’s easy to be concerned that something is not right. Is the baby happy? Are they eating right, sleeping right, and pooping right? And can things be too clean? 



Congratulations, New mom! How are you doing with this wonderful new normal in your life? There may be some things that you are unsure of with your new baby and your new body, but don’t worry. You are not alone, and you are doing just fine! But, if you are wondering about what is normal and what isn’t normal… well, don’t stress. The worry is normal! Let us help you out with five things that new moms are sometimes too embarrassed to ask about. 

Is my baby happy?

If they are, then why are they crying so much? Some new parents worry when the baby cries without stopping. Is it colic, or gas? Is this normal? Yes, it is, and it will go away on its own. It might help right now to create a calm environment for both you and your little one. If you are stressed, then the baby might get stressed, but if mom is calm, then the baby will feel more comfortable. A seemingly excessive amount of crying is normal, however.

Are they eating too much?

Parents often worry that they are not feeding the baby correctly. After all this is all new. If the baby is being fed properly is a common worry, especially if the baby doesn’t seem to be happy. Whether he is breastfed or bottle-fed, how much is too much? Or too little. There is no right amount of food per age or weight to explain it all, but for the first while just go with what the baby seems to want and enjoy the cuddle time. 

Is the poop supposed to look like that?

Yes, yes, it is. There is no right color, or texture. It varies with what you or your little one have been eating. Even green is normal. New parents don’t know what to expect at first, and so there are a lot of pictures and descriptions of baby poo online, but although there are plenty of differences there is rarely a problem. 

Is she warm enough? Too warm?

Babies like to be wrapped up, swaddled and comfortable. It is normal to worry that the little one is too warm. It is just as normal to get up and check on a baby several times in the night as well. You don’t really want the baby to be too much warmer, or too much cooler than you are. Just don’t wrap the baby in anything that she can tangle herself in, or can accidently drape over her face.

Does everything really need sterilizing? Every single time?

Yes, it does. It is important to keep everything clean to protect the baby's immune system. Baby is still developing, so cleanliness is essential. It is a lot of work, especially if you are going places all day. Choose a baby bottle that is easy to use and easy to clean, with a nipple make of silicone that the baby can latch onto easily. The best baby bottle for this will be one that is portable and comes apart easily, with interchangeable pieces. It will be easier if all the pieces can go in the dishwasher.  Click here for more information.