Is My Baby at An Okay Weight?

In our society, we are accustomed to worrying about our own weight. Do we need to worry about baby’s weight, too? Perhaps. In the past, baby fat was considered a good thing. A little fat on baby is not only cute, but it can also mean that the baby has a bit of an extra supply to draw on. Of course, parents may also worry about whether their little is eating enough just as much as they worry about eating too much! What exactly is a healthy weight?

Probably, you don’t need to worry at all. Your baby will let you know when he or she has had enough to eat, and they certainly will tell you when they are hungry. You don’t need to put the baby on a diet, and you don’t need to force feed. However, you do need to be sure that the food that they do eat is both nutritious for the baby and also convenient for the parents. Here are some tips to keep baby’s relationship with food healthy.



Breast feed if possible

Not every parent can breast feed their baby, but it is a great thing if possible. This is food that is designed to be just what the baby needs, and there can be no overfeeding. After 10 or 15 minutes, if baby is still suckling, it is for comfort, not nourishment. For convenience sake, some breast milk can be put aside for later and blended in the easy Baby Blendy system, which is also designed to be easy, comfortable and stress-free for parents. It is always with you when you need it. 


If breast milk is not available

Fortified cereals are nutritious, and easy to mix up. When baby is hungry, food is always available and easy to prepare no matter where you are. If baby cries to let you know he or she is hungry, it can be stressful to not have food available for whatever reason. Formula and baby cereals take are of this problem.


Don’t feed at every cry

Babies do cry for many reasons, not only because they are hungry. So, if you don’t think the baby is hungry, check to see what else they may be trying to communicate. Are they bored, or tired? Scared or lonely? Psychologically, feeding a baby every time it fusses, he or she might start to associate food with love. 


Have some fun together! 

As soon as baby is old enough, start making meal times fun and bring baby to the table with the rest of the family. This helps to build relationships and good healthy habits, that will help baby to have a healthy relationship with family and with food all their life. This is also a good time to start a bit of exercise and play time too. 


If you are worried about whether your baby is at a healthy weight, talk to your pediatrician and nutrition consultant about the best foods to feed. If looking for a way to reduce colic when using cereal, stored breast milk, or formula, use Baby Blendy’s gentle and convenient blender.


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