How to Use a Baby Bottle Blender

Parenthood can be stressful and full of worry, not to mention tiring! Being a parent is a busy life. We want to do the best for our children in every way. Using a baby bottle blender can help your baby avoid unwanted gas while making preparing bottles easier on you. Reducing air in your baby’s bottles can reduce crying and fussiness. You will both be happier if you use a baby bottle blender to prepare your baby’s bottles.

What is a Baby Bottle Blender?

A baby bottle blender is an innovative way to mix formula or breast milk. Traditional shaking adds excessive amounts of air into the liquid, which your baby then ingests. Excessive air causes uncomfortable gas and can even lead to colic. Formula powder can get stuck in the bottle nipple when shaken, and breast milk proteins can be damaged. Parents often use a finger to cover the hole on the nipple while shaking, which can introduce unwanted germs and viruses to the baby. Using a baby bottle blender is a much better way to ensure your baby’s bottles are mixed properly and safely.

baby bottle blenderWhat to Look for in a Baby Bottle Blender

When shopping for a baby bottle blender, look for a system that is portable, easy to use, and that comes with exceptional bottles. The Baby Blendy brand system has a small and portable blender that is easily rechargeable using a mini-USB plug. You’ll never be caught with a dead battery because of the handy battery-level indicator light on the front. The system uses innovative bottles with a bottom air vent that fit easily onto the blender base. The bottles are top-shelf dishwasher safe.

How to Use a Baby Bottle Blender

Using a baby bottle blender is so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try one sooner. Follow these easy steps to blend your baby’s formula or breast milk bottles in a gentle, safe, and effective way.

1)  Fill the bottle

When using a baby bottle blender, prepare your bottles as normal. Fill the bottle either with breast milk or formula and water. If using formula, make sure you use a high-quality distilled water like Bay Bay water. Pour the water in first and then scoop the formula on top.

Make sure the bottles you use are compatible with your baby bottle blender. Baby Blendy brand bottles are specifically designed to work with the Baby Blendy mixer. These bottles not only fit perfectly on the mixer base, but they are also designed specifically to reduce colic with their innovative bottom air vent.

2)  Place the bottle on the baby bottle blender

The baby bottle should fit easily on the base of the baby bottle blender. Check the indicator light to make sure the blender base is charged and ready to go. If not, you can still use the blender while it is plugged in, using a mini-USB cable.

3)  Press the button and watch it go

Press the button on the front of the baby bottle blender once and allow the blender to do the rest. It will gently swirl the contents of the bottle to perfectly mix the formula or breast milk without adding excessive air.
Baby Blendy brand mixers have a cute little bear paddle within the bottle that spins to gently mix. Using a baby bottle blender introduces 60% less air into the bottle as compared to the traditional shaking method. With the Baby Blendy brand, the blender mixes for seven seconds and then stops automatically.

4)  Remove the bottle and attach the nipple

Once the baby bottle blender is finished gently mixing the bottle, remove it from the base and attach the appropriate nipple. It is important to use the correct nipple for the developmental stage of your baby. Use a slow flow nipple for newborn babies, a medium flow nipple when your baby is around three months old, a fast flow nipple around six months old and then switch to a sippy spout when your baby is around one year old. Baby Blendy offers handles and spouts to convert their bottles into sippy cups.

Using the appropriate nipple for the developmental stage of your baby is an important factor in a positive bottle experience. Using a nipple with a flow that is too fast can cause choking and spitting up. Using a nipple with a flow that is too slow can cause excessive sucking and increased air ingestion. Your baby bottle blender can be used for all of your baby’s stages.

5)  Feed your baby

Feeding your baby is the perfect time for bonding. Enjoy the closeness and cuddle your sweet little one while they enjoy their bottle. When you use a baby bottle blender, your baby isn’t ingesting as much gas with the liquid so they will have a more comfortable experience. For little ones, makes sure you stop part-way through feeding to give them a gentle pat just in case they have any air bubbles caught. Do this again when the bottle is finished. This ensures that any gas bubbles caught are gently loosened and relieved.

6)  Wash the bottle

Baby Blendy bottles and nipples are top-rack dishwasher safe. Make sure you have extra bottles so there is always one ready when you need to use your baby bottle blender. It is a good idea to have a designated bottle area in your cupboards so you always have clean bottles and nipples ready to go. Also, be prepared for the next stage of your baby’s development by purchasing the faster flow nipples in advance. Being prepared helps to reduce your stress as a parent.

Using a baby bottle blender like Baby Blendy is the best way to prepare formula or breast milk for your baby’s bottle. The gentle swirling motion mixes well without adding excessive air. It is quick and easy while significantly reducing the amount of gas your baby ingests. Help your baby avoid the pain and discomfort of excessive gas by gently blending bottles instead of shaking them. Both you and your baby will be happier. Click here to learn more.