How to Choose The Perfect Baby Bottle Maker

Your little one is hungry again! While those could be the loveliest sentence in the English language, it does mean that there is more work for you to do. You can make things a little bit easier by finding the perfect baby bottle maker, and that is the one that works best for you and baby.

What are some of the problems that a baby bottle maker should solve?

Feeding time is bonding time

First of all, there is more to feeding a baby than just providing food. It’s bonding time between baby and mom and feeding time is time for dad, or other family members to bond with the baby as well. Bottle feeding is a great choice, especially when it makes things easier, so when you are looking for the perfect baby bottle maker be sure to consider that convenience does not overtake the natural feel of the bottle and the comfort for baby.

Consider the nipple

One important aspect to consider is the nipple on the bottle. It should feel comfortable to the baby, and just as natural as Mom! It should have a smooth, even flow. It shouldn’t be too fast, or too slow. If it’s too fast, then the baby could overfeed or choke, and if it’s too slow, then the baby might get tired, and fall asleep before eating enough. So look for a bottle that has a really good nipple so that baby doesn’t have to work too hard. Remember that eating time should be natural and easy. In addition, a nipple that is not optimally sized or uncomfortable could cause the baby to swallow too much air and need to be burped more often, or he (or she) could become gassy, or have colic.

How does the formula mix?

Another common problem with bottles is the formula doesn’t always mix properly. The parent feeding the baby needs to shake the bottle to mix it so that all the right nutrients are getting to baby. A baby bottle maker that blends easily inside the bottle would make things easier. The perfect baby bottle blender would be convenient to carry, and also wouldn’t add air to the mixture.

An anti-colic baby bottle might be a dream, but it shouldn’t be. Finding one that doesn’t cause too much gas, or colic is simply a matter of considering why these things happen in the first place. Air vents near the nipple or at the bottom of the bottle lets air out to reduce the air the baby is swallowing, which is one feature that should be part of every baby bottle maker.

The best baby bottle maker will be convenient to take with you, easy to use, be self-mixing and will never run out of batteries when you need it. It should be comfortable for baby to hold as well.

When you are choosing a baby bottle maker, you are choosing the best for everyone. You want a bottle maker that is good for the baby but also has other benefits of making the time you spend with the baby the best it can be for baby, dad and mom, whether you are home or away. Choose a baby bottle maker that makes things easier, like Baby Blendy. We understand that this time is important for all of you.