How the Best Baby Bottles Prevent Gas?

As parents, we do anything we can to help our babies to stay comfortable. From extra soft onesies to the safest strollers, we do our best to make sure our babies are safe and happy. Even the brand of formula is important to us. Did you know that the type of bottle makes a difference to your baby’s happiness? Choosing the best baby bottles to prevent gas and colic can help solve so much of your baby’s discomfort.

The award-winning Baby Blendy bottles, paired with their innovative blender and nipples, are a winning combination. Baby Blendy bottles are the best baby bottles to prevent gas. The Baby Blendy is easy to use, portable, dishwasher safe, and it saves your baby from so much added discomfort due to gas.

Why Do Babies Get Gas?

It is very common for babies to get uncomfortable air bubbles caught in their stomachs. Babies often swallow excess air while drinking from an inferior bottle. This air causes uncomfortable gas within your sweet little one’s tummy. Since their little digestive systems are not fully developed until they are between four and six months old, babies cannot expel the gas on their own as an adult would. Even burping frequently throughout a feeding does not always give your baby enough relief. Using the best baby bottles to prevent gas helps to avoid this uncomfortable occurrence.

best baby bottles to prevent gasBabies can’t tell you they have uncomfortable gas bubbles, but they can show you. Some babies might cry often, especially after having a bottle. Others might not drink enough of their bottles because their tiny tummies are so full of air. Some babies are so uncomfortable they squirm or pull their knees up to their bellies. Trying the best baby bottles to prevent gas might help your little one. When in doubt, always consult with your baby’s doctor.

Burping helps a baby to relieve some of this gas build-up, but sometimes it gets trapped and causes severe discomfort. Some babies are so uncomfortable that they cry inconsolably until the gas naturally dissipates. This discomfort can become so frequent and can last so long that it is diagnosed as colic. If your baby cries frequently or has colic, trying the best baby bottles to prevent gas may help give your baby, and you, some relief.

Air Vent

Traditional baby bottles trap air within their contents, and your baby ultimately drinks the bubbles along with the formula or milk. This air causes uncomfortable gas for your little one. The innovative air vent on the base of Baby Blendy’s award-winning bottle is what makes it one of the best baby bottles to prevent gas. This air vent allows bubbles to move to the base of the bottle while your baby drinks. It also allows the liquid inside the bottle to flow more smoothly through the nipple.

Once you try a baby bottle with an air vent on the bottom, you’ll never go back to traditional baby bottles. The difference is outstanding. It makes sense that the best baby bottle to prevent gas would be the one that allows air to escape out of the bottom rather than be ingested into your baby’s little tummy.

Reduce Foaming

Many of the air bubbles within a baby bottle are created while mixing the baby formula. Most people shake the bottle in order to thoroughly mix the formula with the water. This process often causes formula powder to be caught in the narrow area of the bottle nipple, which requires even more shaking to dislodge it. All of this shaking means a lot of bubbles. Your poor baby’s tummy becomes uncomfortably full of gas every time he eats. Using the best baby bottles to prevent gas can help reduce the number of bubbles from mixing.

With the award-winning, doctor recommended Baby Blendy system, the bubbles within the mixed formula are reduced by 60%. All you have to do is fill the bottle with water (preferably a high-quality distilled water like Bay Bay Water), add the formula powder, place the bottle on the mixing base, and push one button. The Baby Blendy mixer gently swirls the liquid for 7 seconds, completely mixing the formula powder into the water without adding air bubbles. The combination of the gentle mixer and the innovative air-vent makes Baby Blendy bottles the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Choosing the Right Nipple

Another key to preventing gas in your baby’s bottles is choosing the right nipple. Look for nipples that are safe and natural-feeling. The nipples you use on the best baby bottles to prevent gas should be BPA free, PVC free, and phthalates free. You don’t want any harmful chemicals anywhere near your baby. The best baby bottles to prevent gas also have great bottle nipples.

Your baby needs a bottle nipple that is appropriate for her age. Choose the slowest flow for your newborn, medium flow for around three months old, fast flow around 6 months old, and then switch to a sippy spout at around one year old. Changing the nipple-type along with your baby’s development can help to reduce excessive sucking, which causes her to ingest excessive air bubbles. All those extra air bubbles cause your baby to be gassy and uncomfortable. Combining the best baby bottles to prevent gas with an age-appropriate nipple is a great way to avoid gas.

The best baby bottles to prevent gas are definitely Baby Blendy bottles. The makers of Baby Blendy are committed to producing an exceptional product that helps to solves the problem of gas and colic for your little one. They’ve solved the problem of excessive air in baby bottles by inventing the best baby bottles to prevent gas. Not only are their products effective and easy to use, but they’re also safe for your little one.

The air vent in the bottom of Baby Blendy bottles, together with the gentle swirling mixer, is a winning combination. Your baby will be comfortable and happy, which makes you a happy parent. We do everything we can for the health and happiness of our children. Make sure you’re choosing the best baby bottles to prevent gas. Visit our website to know more details.