How Can the Right Baby Bottle Reduce Colic?

All babies cry – it’s what babies do. When they’re hungry, they cry. When they want affection, they cry. This is normal baby behavior. However, when a baby cries excessively, frequently, and as if he/she is in pain, it might be colic, which causes discomfort for both parent and child. If this sounds familiar to you, you’re probably wondering how to prevent your child from feeling distressed. First, it’s important to understand that there are no known causes for colic. But there are anti-colic baby bottles that can help ease the discomfort associated with a colicky baby. What are the best bottles for colic?
What causes colic?

Although much research has been conducted to find the causes for colic, there is no known cause. However, studies suggest it can be linked to:

• Food allergies/intolerances

• Family stress or anxiety

• Digestive system that has not fully developed

• Overfeeding, underfeeding, or infrequent burping (which is why the best bottles for colic might help)

• Early form of childhood migraine

What are the symptoms of colic?

• Intense crying, which may appear more like screaming or an expression of pain

• Unprovoked crying

• Facial discolorings, such as reddening of the face or paler skin around the mouth

• Bodily tension, such as pulled up or stiffened legs, stiffened arms, clenched fists, arched back, or tense abdomen

• Extreme fussiness even after crying has diminished

• Predictable timing, with episodes often occurring in the evening

Buying the best bottles for colic can help soothe symptoms. With Baby Blendy’s unique bottle design, parents can feed their babies and enjoy the experience.

Traditional baby bottles result in babies swallowing a tremendous amount of air, which can cause an upset stomach. When a baby has an upset stomach, they’re unhappy, and an unhappy baby means frustrated and tired parents. Finding the best bottles for colic can help relieve the symptoms associated with colic.

There are so many products on the market that tout themselves as being the best bottles for colic, but there is really only one bottle that every parent should consider – The Baby Blendy bottle. This anti-colic baby bottle has been mentioned in the news as “revolutionary” and “magical.”

What makes Baby Blendy one of the best bottles for colic?

Though there are several anti-colic baby bottles on the market today, Baby Blendy’s is touted to be one of the best bottles for colic available. The magic is in Baby Blendy’s mixer, which spins quickly, creating a powerful cyclone swirl that does all the mixing for you, hands-free. This technology reduces foam and air bubbles from forming in the milk, consequently reducing the chances of your baby from swallowing air. Less air results in less gas, spit-up, colic and other discomforts. As well, Baby Blendy’s bottle has a bottom anti-colic air vent system that allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother, separating air from the milk, preventing gas, spit-ups, and other feeding discomforts to your baby. Don’t spend money on imitation bottles – invest in Baby Blendy, one of the best bottles for colic on the market.

Finding the best bottles for colic may seem difficult, but look no further than Baby Blendy’s anti-colic baby bottle, to help comfort your colicky baby. Baby Blendy’s mission was to redesign and reinvent the baby bottle, resulting in the best anti-colic baby bottle. Baby Blendy patented the first and only rechargeable, battery-operated, anti-colic portable baby bottle blender that mixes powdered baby formula, rice, and oatmeal cereals in seconds. It is, quite simply, the best anti-colic bottle, designed for babies and parents in mind. Order yours today!