Healthy Convenience Foods for New Parents


When you are a new parent, you are very likely exhausted a lot of the time, and also a little stressed. Baby needs care, love, a lot of feeding, and of course, healthy parents! What can you do to be sure that you are keeping yourself healthy, and eating nutritious food, even when you are too tired to do anymore kitchen work? There are ways that new parents can be sure to have plenty of easy, delicious and nutritious, grab-and-go food on hand so that nutrition is not sacrificed for convenience. 

Having nutritious foods on hand and already roasted, sliced and set out is a big time saver, and a stress-buster as well. Even though your new baby might be keeping you awake nights …and if not now, then soon… you and your partner will cope much better if you continue to eat well!

Fruit and vegetable trays

You can always find an assortment of great flavors, vitamins and minerals when you choose a cut-up fruit and vegetable tray. Party trays of cut-up veg are easy to get from the grocery store, or you can make your own, or add to the tray in advance. Try to choose a variety of colors in the fruits and vegetables as the body loves that rainbow of nutrients and colors. So does the brain, and when you eat the rainbow you will sleep better, wake better and cope better. Even if your newborn has other ideas!


A great, easy to grab choice is a pre-roasted chicken, prepared in advance and sliced to be available when you want it. Hot, or cold, chicken tastes great, and having it available in advance is a big time saver. And it’s good for all of you. Have some mustard, mayonnaise or dip of your choice on hand to change things up a bit. If chicken becomes too ordinary, there are lots of other proteins on a meat tray. 

Food gifts

Friends, family and neighbors want to help. When a new baby is in the house, there are many friends who will ask what they can bring. An exhausted parent will very likely say, ‘oh, anything, and thank you so much,” but if the gift needs to be thawed and reheated, then for the first while, it takes too much preparation. The grocery stores have things on hand that are already prepared, healthy and will also serve as an easy food to eat in a hurry. Wraps stuffed with salads, proteins and cheese will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. Cheese cubes, or maybe even a loaf of delicious, crusty bread and butter, if there is no concern about carbs. The important point here is fast, convenient and nutritious. 

What new parents are really looking for is something to eat one-handed, at any time of the day that aren’t going to cause discomfort to mom or baby. This can be a time of joy, but it can also be stressful and it’s worth it to make the menu as simple and enjoyable as possible. If mom and dad are too busy, poor quality fast food options might be a last resort choice, but one best avoided.