Four Tips to Find the Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas

For those without experience with little ones, it might seem that a baby bottle is a pretty standard thing. Buying a baby bottle should not be a major decision with a selection of choices, but in fact, it is. Baby bottles have become better and better in the way that Baby feels after a meal. No one wants their little one to be sore, gassy, or colicky from their feeding. This should not be the norm. So, you seek for the best baby bottles to prevent gas, not make it baby bottles to prevent gas

When you are choosing the right bottle to feed Baby with, there are some important aspects to consider — ventilation and air intake, the nipples, and the angle of the bottle. Here are four tips that can help you find the best baby bottles to prevent gas in your little one so you can keep on using the bottles for Baby for as long as you can.

Look for convenience

If you want to use the bottle all the time, there is one other important thing that you want to look for, and that is convenience. You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for comfort. It is possible to find a well-designed baby bottle that Baby will love and that the caregivers will also love. Easy to clean and portability are also big parts of convenience. Everyone charged with feeding a baby understands that a lot of small details make up a big part of it all, and that’s why finding the best baby bottles to prevent gas is so important.

Look for proper ventilation

First of all, look at the ventilation on the bottle. Where does the air come in and go out? A lot of bottles have air intake on the nipples, which means that Baby is sucking in air while drinking or eating, and therefore is likely going to need burping in a big way later. Ventilation on the bottom of the bottle is a better choice, as the air then passes out of the bottle and does not get mixed in with the milk. That’s how the best baby bottles prevent gas.

Look for good fit

A bottle with an adjustable nipple is also an important thing to look for. This makes feeding easier because the baby can easily latch onto the nipple comfortably, meaning that the air will not enter as he or she is feeding due to a poor fit. The shape of the bottle also matters. Once the baby gets a little older, the best baby bottle to prevent gas is also easy to hold and a pleasing shape for everyone’s hands, little or big.

Look for a blender

The big part of colic-free convenience is the ability to blend in the bottle. Air is introduced into the milk, cereal, or formula when the bottle is shaken up to mix it properly. Look for a bottle that is also a blender as well. This will allow the bottle to mix right there when you are ready for it, eliminating exposure to air and bubbles. That is very convenient as well—and a feature of the best baby bottles for preventing gas.

The Baby Blendy Bottle is the best baby bottle to prevent gas because it has the blender attachment, and it can also vent out the bottom and not at the intake. It is convenient for you, and it doesn’t hurt your little one’s tummy, either.