Four Advantages of a Baby Bottle Mixer

Baby bottle mixers are gaining popularity for good reasons. They reduce gas and colic significantly, they’re easy to use, they’re portable, they come with great bottles, and they are hygienic. Using a baby bottle mixer is the best way to make sure that every one of your baby’s bottles is the best that it can be.

1) Less Gas

So often, babies are crying and uncomfortable because of their bottles. Shaking a bottle to mix either formula or breast milk adds an incredible amount of air into the liquid. You can even see all of the bubbles in a bottle after it has been shaken. Using a baby bottle mixer reduces the amount of gas in your baby’s bottle drastically. A baby bottle mixer, like Baby Blendy, reduces the number of air bubbles by 60% and overall foaming by 70%. By drinking less air, your baby will be more content and will not suffer from excessive gas build up in her little tummy.

2) Easy and Convenient

Using a baby bottle mixer is such a convenient way to mix formula, breast milk, or cereals. The Baby Blendy baby bottle mixer is powered by USB rechargeable batteries, so there are no wires or plugs to worry about. Just put your mixer in the diaper bag along with your bottles, formula, and Bay Bay Water distilled formula water, and you’re ready to go.

When you need to mix a new bottle, all you need to do is touch one button to start the pre-timed, hands-free gentle mixing. Instead of spending your time shaking a bottle (and adding in all those extra air bubbles), let the baby bottle mixer do the work while you cuddle your sweet baby.

3) Better Bottle

Baby Blendy baby bottle mixer kits come with award-winning anti-colic bottles and breast-like silicon nipples. They have an anti-colic air-flow vent to allow excess air to escape out of the bottom of the bottle. This keeps any excess air out of your baby’s tummy and eases the flow of liquid through the nipple. These specialized bottles fit perfectly onto the baby bottle mixer.

4) Clean and Hygienic

When you use a baby bottle mixer, you’re not only reducing the amount of air in your baby’s bottle, but you are also keeping your baby’s bottle clean and hygienic. When they shake a bottle, most parents use a finger to keep the contents of the bottle from spilling everywhere. A finger is often covered in invisible bacteria. With a Baby Blendy baby bottle mixer, you don’t have to worry about getting the bottle nipple dirty. The baby bottle mixer does all the work without anyone touching the bottle nipple.

Baby Blendy baby bottle mixers are dishwasher safe, so making sure the bottles are clean and safe between uses is easy.

Baby bottle mixers take the guesswork out of mixing formula, breast milk, or baby cereals. They help you make the best bottles for your little bundle of joy. Avoid unnecessary discomfort for your little one and use a baby bottle mixer instead of shaking his bottles. Less gas, more convenience, a great bottle, and added hygiene are all ingredients for a happy baby and happy parents. Click here to learn more.