Five Reasons to Invest in a Baby Bottle Blender

Every moment with your baby is precious, including the special bond that occurs between parent and child during feeding time. While breastfeeding for many moms is the preferred method of feeding, there are many instances where bottle feeding makes sense. For parents choosing to bottle feed, buying a baby bottle blender can make life and feeding time a lot easier. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a baby bottle bottle blender

1) Portable Effortless Hands-Free Mixing

When it comes to newborn babies, parents are always looking for ways to make life easier. Feeding time should be an enjoyable time that allows parents to bond with their baby, even when it’s 3 a.m. Our baby bottle blender is a smart solution for mixing your baby’s milk or cereal because it reduces foam and air bubbles from forming in the milk. It provides portable and effortless hands-free mixing, allowing you to focus on your baby, not on preparing baby bottles. Baby Blendy’s baby bottle Blender allows you to prepare your baby’s food at the push of a button. Just add liquid to the bottle and let the baby bottle blender do the work. That’s it, that’s all!

2) Mixer Reduces Air Bubbles by 60%

Baby Blendy is the first and only anti-colic portable baby bottle blender on the market today. It was designed to reduce air bubbles by 60%, thus reducing post feeding symptoms like gas, spit-up, colic, and other discomforts. A colicky baby can cry for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks. Investing in a baby bottle blender to help reduce colic and other post feeding symptoms is a wise investment that can also help ease the frustration that accompanies having a colicky baby. Baby Blendy’s baby bottle blender also mixes formula and milk thoroughly, creating a smooth formula for your baby to drink.

3) Anti-Colic Bottom Air Vent

Baby Blendy’s baby bottle blender also has a bottom anti-colic air vent system that allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoothly. This separates air from the milk, significantly decreasing gas, spit-ups and other feeding discomforts to your baby.

4) Many Smart Features

Baby Blendy’s baby bottle blender was designed to help parents have an easier, more enjoyable feeding experience with their baby. The baby bottle blender features an easy to hold, comfortable shape, BPA Free/PVC Free/Phthalates Free plastic, real-time battery indicator letting you know when it’s time to recharge the USB rechargeable batteries, easy latch-on breast-like silicone nipple and the power to blend all kinds of formula.

5) More Bonding Time

Preparing a baby bottle the traditional way is time-consuming, and when it’s in the middle of the night, and your baby is crying and hungry, parents just want to make a bottle quickly and effortlessly. Baby Blendy’s baby bottle blender is the answer parents are looking for. Having the ability to prepare a bottle at the push of the button allows you to spend more quality time with your baby, instead of more time preparing a bottle. Buy a Blendy today and experience first-hand the benefits of owning a baby bottle blender.