Do Babies Get Insomnia?

It might not always be easy, especially if you have a new baby, but you know that the most important thing you can do for yourself is to prepare to get a good night’s sleep. And what about the baby? It is not unusual at all for newborn babies to not sleep through the night. In fact, it is normal. That doesn’t mean that babies are naturally awake all night, but it does happen. There are some things you can do to help yourself and give your little one a more peaceful night as well.



First of all, babies pick up on their parents’ moods and feelings, so if mom and dad are awake all night with the baby, they might be tired and irritable too, and this makes the baby restless and uncomfortable, and that keeps you all awake. It’s a circle!


Treat the night time like the night time

Babies have to get used to the day and night time rhythm, and it may take a few months before it becomes a natural cycle. If you feel that your baby has insomnia, that is, if he or she seems to be awake all night and awake all day as well, you can do a few things to help recognize and help out with the problem.  As humans, we are conditioned to sleep when it's dark and wake when it is light. Babies are still learning this, and as newborns, they may not sleep at any time for much longer than an hour or so anyway. But try not to allow day and night to blur together. Be sure to keep the room cool and dark at night and let the light in by day. If the baby wakes at night, don’t worry, but don’t ignore the need either. Just feed your little one, or give him or her some closeness.


Take care of baby’s needs

Why do babies wake so frequently? They wake because they are lonely, or hungry, or maybe they are feeling a little uncomfortable. This is normal. Be sure that the room is quiet, comfortable, and sleeper friendly. If the baby is fussy and hungry, then feed her, provide that bit of closeness and help her fall back to sleep. 


Don’t forget about you

Don’t give yourself a lot to do when the baby wakes up at night. Remember, that your rest is important, too. There is a big chance that the baby is hungry; that is the main reason why babies wake at night. Feed him or her one extra time in the evening, and keep away from sugary foods, or anything else that might make the baby gassy. Less discomfort will give longer sleep periods. 


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