Choosing the Baby Bottles for colic and reflux

It’s quite common for babies to suffer from colic, reflux, or other kinds of distress. Babies can be hard to comfort when this happens, and of course, it’s not very nice for mom or dad, either. No one wants to see their little one in distress, and it’s lovely when someone can help, either with advice or in a different way. If you suspect that baby might have colic, here is some advice for choosing the anti colic baby bottles to help anti-colic bottles

Knowing when it’s colic

You know that colic might be a problem when the baby cries for several hours a day, at about the same time each day, for no obvious cause. Colic usually occurs between the ages of 6 months and a year old. Could an best anti-colic bottles stop that fussing? Colic is pain from the bowel becoming distended and filling up with air. Reflux is a different thing and is more common. Reflux is indigestion from when fluids, foods, or stomach acids move into the esophagus. Most babies have this problem. Babies are little and their digestive system hasn’t figured itself out yet, so babies can be relieved of the pain and discomfort of indigestion by being burped frequently.

How can a bottle help? Since colic is connected to baby’s digestive development and too much air, gas, and wind, then an anti-colic baby bottle with the right nipple will cut down those causes, whether you are feeding breast milk or powdered formula. It’s usually the bottle that causes the baby to swallow too much air. Air enters when the nipple is the wrong size, preventing baby from latching on tightly. Further, air bubbles can be added to the milk when the formula isn’t blended properly. Having a bottle with a built-in blender apparatus that blends the formula right there while the baby is feeding keeps the milk or formula smooth. It also keeps it flowing with a lot fewer bubbles added. There are also air vents on the bottom that can take out any other air problems.

There are three ways that show that Baby Blender Bottle is the right anti-colic baby bottle for your family.

1) It has a built-in blender and mixer. It mixes the formula right there so that air bubbles and foam are reduced, leaving no big lumps of food or fat to clog up the nipple or cause indigestion to the baby. The blender mixes so well that baby just gets liquid, not big chunks of unmixed powder or fat.

2) It separates the air from the milk right there with the venting system, and that ensures that the milk passes to the baby smoothly. And because the baby doesn’t need to be burped as often, there is less need for a stop/start, latch on/latch off approach.

3) Finally, this anti-colic baby bottle scores because it is adorable and easy to use. You will take this bottle with you everywhere. And you can because it is easy to charge and operate. Next time you need a baby bottle, choose one that helps with colic and reflux.