Can Nursing Moms Drink Coffee?

There are so many things to keep in mind when you have a new baby. If nursing, you are likely wondering what you should or should not drink yourself. Is it true that everything mom eats the baby eats too? Can a tired nursing mom have coffee? 

How much coffee is ok?

Coffee, according to does not have a significantly negative effect on baby, and caffeine doesn’t pass easily into the breast milk when mom enjoys one or two cups of coffee a day. Ten or more cups of coffee per day, or an equivalently large amount caffeine, is a different story, and will certainly cause issues and side effects. 

Of course, there are other reasons why a nursing mom, or anybody, would want to be careful of the amount of caffeine, or the amount of coffee, they consume. One or two cups can be a refreshing, and calming energizer, but larger amounts can also cause poor sleep patterns, irritability and jitteriness in mom and in baby. Don’t forget to take into consideration the other caffeine-containing foods that mom might consume in a day, such as tea, chocolate, energy drinks, or soda. Two hundred to 300 mg is considered a safe amount of caffeine. Certainly, nursing moms would not want to take in anything that might interfere with sleep, but using caffeine to stay awake is not the best choice.



Coffee in breast milk

It’s not easy always being awake and alert for a newborn baby, and nursing moms can be low on energy until the baby’s sleep pattern regulates itself. For new moms, this exciting time is also a frightening one. You might not feel rested, and sometimes a cup of coffee can be just what feels right. Go ahead and have it. 


There is no need to worry too much about breast milk. Caffeine levels peak within an hour or so after consumption, and there is not much transferred in breast milk. You might want to pump breast milk beforehand, but there is no need to throw away breast milk after you have had coffee. You already know that breast milk is one of the healthiest things that you can give baby, and even though there are choices to make it easier, there is no reason to be worried as long as your caffeine level is not high.


Leverage resources during this tiring time

There are tools that mom can use to make this time a little bit easier and to share the load with other caregivers. One of those tools is a blender bottle that allows mom to blend foods for the little one in just a few seconds. So, whether that food is breast milk or formula, it whips up in seconds and any caregiver can spend time bonding with the baby while mom rests. 


Babies become fussy a lot of the time, because of the colic that they get from too much air in the formula or milk that they are fed. A proper blender bottle with the blender built in reduces the amount of air by 80% so it is easier to drink and causes less gas. 

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