Bringing Baby Home — A Checklist of What to Bring To The Hospital

We know that you are excited! Soon your little one will be home with you, but right now, you are still focusing on preparation. Let’s talk about what you will want to take with you to the hospital, why you will need it and how soon you should have everything prepared and ready to go. 



How soon to pack your bag?

Certainly, you don’t wait until you go into labor! Pack the bag a few weeks ahead of time and leave it by the door. Don’t put jewelry, any electronics or any other valuables in the bag. You won’t need those with you! However, there is more to packing than just the kit bag though. To have everything ready in advance, you will need to have multiples of things like clothing and sanitary pads.


What you will need at the hospital

There are three people to think about here — you, your partner and your baby. You should have an idea of how long your hospital stay will be. It might be only one or two days, but it is more likely to be three or four. Check with the hospital to see what they will provide.  Bring an empty bag with you to bring home the gifts and freebies that you get while there!


A checklist of what to bring


  • Photo ID, insurance info, forms and a bit of money
  • Warm socks and hair ties
  • Snacks and water for you and your partner
  • Some clothing for you and for baby
  • Fresh, clean underwear that accommodates a large post-birth pad
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Camera and batteries
  • Maternity bras and nursing pads
  • A bathrobe – your own will be much more comfy that what the hospital provides
  • Your own towel for when you can shower. Hospitals often only provide a thin one.
  • Magazines are light reading 
  • A coming-home outfit for both of you
  • Be sure to have a baby car seat. You can’t bring baby home without one.


Don’t forget about feeding your new baby

Of course, you won’t forget, but you might not want to breastfeed, or be able to breastfeed. Check out the Baby Blendy portable blender. This system can help you through feeding time with ease. Whether you nurse or bottle feed or both, Baby Blendy can help, especially if you plan to pump milk during those first days. The Baby Blendy is an award-winning, doctor recommended feeding system that will make these first few days and the months to come easier on all of you. 


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