Best Bottles for Colic and Reflux: Kiss Colic and Spit-Up Goodbye

Colic and reflux are not easy for you or your baby to deal with. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve tried everything to no avail. But the solution may be where you didn’t expect it—have you considered investing in the best bottles for colic and reflux? Baby bottle blenders provide a host of benefits, from protecting your baby against colic symptoms to convenient feeding to home delivery options, so let’s take a dive into how they can help you and your baby thrive.

What is the Best Type of Bottle?

The best bottles for colic and reflux are baby bottle blenders. These are a new kind of bottle that allows for instantaneous mixing of formulas, oatmeals, and cereals, all without a blade. They use a silicon swirl free of additives or harmful chemicals, which mixes food within the bottle to avoid mess or fuss and disassembles for easy cleaning. These bottles are made with preventing colic and spit-up in mind, and they can be easily charged and brought wherever the parent needs to go.

Baby bottle blenders were innovated by Baby Blendy and have received such awards as the 2019 Family Choice Award, as well as countless 5-star reviews from consumers. Standard bottles show little competition when it comes to preventing colic and reflux in babies, making baby bottle blenders the clear choice for colic and reflux.

Best Bottles for Colic and Reflux

Protects Against Colic

Not many people know that a large portion of babies with colic syndrome are actually struggling because of their poorly designed bottles. By incorporating an air vent at the bottom of the bottle, among other means of reducing air bubbles, a baby bottle blender can provide a key turning point for families. This is because baby bottle blenders lower air bubbles by up to 70% with their colic-preventative designs, which eliminates the abdominal pain, excessive gassiness, and reflux from other bottle types that can cause your baby to show colic symptoms. If your baby is showing colic symptoms, or you just want to avoid that distress down the road, a good bottle is the first investment you need to make so that your child can be comfortable. There’s no need to lose sleep when you have a baby bottle blender by your side.

Prevents Spit-Up with Ideal Nipple Flow

Another common issue for parents is reflux. The best bottles for colic can help with this too because they allow parents to adjust for the ideal nipple flow their child needs. The wrong size bottle nipple can cause malnourishment in a growing baby or can overwhelm a baby that’s too small, but baby bottle blenders make a clear path to finding the right size for your baby both now and tomorrow. They make it easy to make the changes you’ll need to make to support them as they grow and need more nourishment. You’ll know that your child is getting what they need from their bottle and food at every step of the way.


If you want what’s best for your baby, the best bottles for colic and reflux are also the healthiest. So many baby bottles on the market rely on harmful toxins, chemicals, and plastics that can cause your child to ingest microplastics that interfere with their health. Some even contain carcinogens that could put your whole family at risk. With a baby bottle blender, you don’t have to worry about any of that, so you can eliminate colic, reflux, and other health issues at the same time. Your family health should always be a priority, and with the right bottle, you can help to make sure it is.

Fast & Easy Feeding with the best bottles for colic and reflux

The baby bottle blender is also one of the best bottles for colic and reflux because it reduces stress for you, and thus for your baby. Babies can sense when you’re frustrated or overwhelmed, and this can make them upset, too. The baby bottle blender allows you to make feeding fast and easy, rather than struggling with huge messes, full-sized blenders, and coordinating when and where you can feed. This gives you a bit of slack so that you can focus on eliminating other life stresses and soothe your baby in the process. Your baby needs you to be calm and most importantly, spend quality time with them, so the convenience of a baby bottle blender is well worth the investment.

Home Delivery is Safe

Baby bottle blenders are also the best bottles for colic and reflux because they provide a win-win situation for safety. You can eliminate your baby’s issues with colic and reflux without going out of your way and possibly jeopardizing their health. Instead of going to crowded malls or department stores in search of bottles, bottle companies like Baby Blendy allow you to order online and have contact-free delivery straight to your home address. This gives you more time to attend to your baby while avoiding the COVID-19 risks that they are vulnerable to.

Varied Options

Of course, the best baby bottles for colic and reflux are the ones that suit your family best and that you can afford. Baby bottle blenders are available in a variety of bundles and packages that work within your personal budget for investment, and some come with different features depending on your needs. You can find various nipple sizes so that you avoid buying new bottles every month, or if you have an accident, you can get replacement parts rather than buying new ones again.

Overall, the best bottles for colic and reflux are baby bottle blenders. These special bottles can eliminate colic, prevent spit-up with ideal nipple flow, make your baby happy and comfortable, keep your family safe and healthy, and allow for convenient feeding so you can focus on the busy business of being a parent. Baby bottle blenders are a key investment that will improve life for you and your baby. If colic and reflux aren’t something you want in your home, then a baby bottle blender is the way to go.