Baby Clothes: What Should You Have on Hand Before Delivery?

Those last moments of quiet before your newborn arrives are a time to be treasured, but also used wisely. As parents excitedly set up and decorate the nursery and pack for the hospital, there’s often a lot going on. But when you arrive at the hospital for delivery, having peace of mind knowing that every last item has been collected, organized, and put in its place means you can focus in the moment as you welcome your bundle of joy into your family. We often see that one of the most overwhelming tasks for new parents is dealing with clothing for your newborn, especially with the flood of choices in today’s retail market. To help guide you through, we’re putting together some easy reminders and tips so when baby arrives, you’re prepared for anything. 



For your newborn’s hospital bag

Many doctors will provide some assistance on what to bring to the hospital and hospitals may vary in what is and is not provided. Either way, there are a few staples that will make all the difference in those first few hours or days before you and your newborn come home. 


Bodysuits tend to be one of the most convenient clothing items for tiny newborns, but you’ll want to ensure they’re easily fastened in the front for quick easy diaper or clothing changes. Also, don’t forget to bring a few pairs of cozy socks to keep those tiny feet warm as well as a soft warm hat to maintain body heat and keep your little one comfortable. 


The most fun part of all? The home-coming outfit! You’ll want something cute and timeless to capture in photos and memories, but also something that meets the weather conditions. Coming home in the warm seasons can call for a light and cool vibe, but for winter, a snowsuit and mittens along with a blanket to cover your baby outside should be considered.  


For when you arrive home

When your growing family arrives home, you’ll want to have enough clothing for your newborn, but you don’t want to overdo it. Afterall, just think how quickly they’re going to grow out of everything. There’s also the hassle of digging through piles of clothes just to find the one item you need in a stressful moment where you need to move quickly! 


Experts typically recommend eight undershirts or onesies in short and long sleeves as well as five nightgowns the baby can sleep in until their cord falls off. Comfortable and stretchy sleepers with smooth zippers are a must – eight should do the trick while keeping laundry loads spaced out. 


Other essentials include five pairs of pants, two hats, at least eight pairs of socks or booties, and two pairs of scratch mittens to protect their little faces from their nails. You’ll also want to have two sweaters and/or jackets or more if it’s winter, as well as a snowsuit and/or bunting bag to protect your newborn from the elements. 


Only the best for your family

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