Baby Bottles: An Alternative to Breast Feeding

It’s just you and your little one, and feeding time can bring both of you so much pleasure. Whether it is the breast or a bottle, this is a time for bonding, and it provides nourishment to both of you. You want to do what is best for the whole family as well, but sometimes, it can get a little difficult, especially when you have to do it all the time! As well, breast feeding has its advantages, but it is not always easy! Is bottle feeding just as good as breast feeding, and what are the best baby bottles that you can use so that you can feel good about bottle feeding as either an alternative, or in addition to breast? Don’t worry, you have a choice.

The best baby bottles make that choice easy

The best baby bottles make it easy for mom and for baby. That means that the bottle-feeding system must be easy for you, the mom, to pack and take along wherever you go so that feeding your baby no matter where you are is never a problem. Baby formulas need to be blended properly so that there are no lumps of powder or milk in the bottle that can make the baby ill. However, some moms may worry that the formula might not be fresh if it is prepared before you leave the house. That is why having a baby bottle blending system that you can take with you makes it easy.

So, not only should the bottle system be easy for you to pick up and grab, but your baby has to be happy with it, too. Babies feel best when they are happy with the food they are eating. That means that the formula should mix properly and have no lumps in it that could give baby a tummy ache, and the best baby bottles should have ventilation places in the nipple for air to escape so that baby doesn’t become windy or gassy.

They are also convenient

Convenience is key, so the best baby bottles are easy to pack, store, and clean up. Look for a baby bottle that has breast-like nipples in alternative sizes and shapes to make it easier to choose the breast sometimes and the bottle at other times. Of course, you love the time bonding and feeding your baby, but it should not be stressful. When you can clean the feeding system easily, it is a lot more comfortable for you. The best baby bottles and their nipple attachments can all go in the dishwasher so cleanup is easy.

The best baby bottles are adaptable; they should grow as your little one grows. If you are looking for a baby bottle as an alternative to breast feeding and want baby to be comfortable into his or her toddler years, then the best baby bottles will be adaptable. Your portable Baby Blendy Bottle can easily convert itself into a sippy cup for when baby gets older.

But what about breast feeding?

Many moms say that there is nothing more beautiful than breast feeding. That contact of skin on skin is very rewarding. The best baby bottles are used for breast milk too, because sometimes, that is an option you will want. Up until six months old, breast milk is all baby needs, but when he or she is older, a variety of healthy foods becomes necessary. That means that even for dedicated breast feeders it is a good idea to include the bottle sometimes. Breast feeding has other advantages too, in terms of costs and environmental benefits, and breast milk is good for baby’s mental and physical health. The best baby bottles will blend and mix the breast milk too!

Sometimes breast feeding is not a choice

Moms sometimes have to find an alternative to the breast for baby’s sake. It can be hard for mom too. It may be beautiful, but it is not always easy. What if she doesn’t consistently latch on, or what if he isn’t always hungry? Yes, suckling is a natural thing to do, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will go as planned all the time. The options are there, so you don’t need to worry. The Baby Blendy Bottle takes the worry away. Like all the best baby bottles, it gives you that choice.

Using a bottle also means that mom is not the one who is entirely responsible for feeding the baby all the time. Dads will also want a turn at that bonding experience, and so might other family members.

Why is the Baby Blendy Bottle one of the best baby bottles?

The Baby Blendy Bottle is so helpful because it is an anti-colic, anti-gas feeding system that is so convenient because it contains a very practical little mixer right inside the bottle. It mixes formula, cereal, and breast milk too, right there wherever you are, so that you have all the advantages of an easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean system with you at all times.

There are a lot of tricks to raising a baby that new parents are just learning. You don’t want baby to feel ill after feeding; you don’t want baby to get rashes from too much wetness. You also know that alternatives to breast feeding are needed. That is why the bottle is a lifesaver! The best baby bottles are not only good for baby, but also great for mom and dad. You are busy and you need convenience, but you also want the best health and diet for your baby. Try the Baby Blendy Bottle. After all, you can’t breast feed all the time. The best baby bottles make it easy for you, and they are good for baby too.