Anti-Colic Baby Bottles - A Quick Guide for New Parents

Doctor Recommended

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a new parent? That’s normal. Newborn babies are a full-time job. If you’re having trouble feeding your newborn, don’t despair: your bottle may be to blame. Not all baby bottles are created equally so you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the best anti-colic baby bottle out there. Our anti colic baby bottles are doctor recommended. As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed by all the competing info regarding the best way to feed your newborn. Trust the experts. A colicky baby can cry inconsolably for hours on end, causing you and the newborn undue stress and discomfort. With an anti-colic baby bottle, you and your baby will rest easier.

What is an Anti-Colic Baby Bottle?

An anti-colic baby bottle is specifically designed to minimize the chances of your baby swallowing air while feeding, which reduces post-feeding symptoms such as gas, spit-up, and colic. Colic is an attack of crying and is a fairly common condition for newborns, often caused by abdominal pain in early infancy. Using an anti-colic baby bottle can help reduce colic in newborns, which will not only help the baby feel better but you as well.anti colic baby bottles

Our anti-colic baby bottle has a bottom anti-colic air vent system that allows the milk to pass through the nipple easier than other bottles. This separates the air from the milk, which will significantly decrease your baby’s intake of air, and thereby decrease gas, spit-ups, abdominal pain, and other feeding discomforts. If your baby is crying non-stop, don’t panic yet. The solution may just be changing to a better anti-colic baby bottle.

Chemical Free

When you’re buying an anti-colic baby bottle (or any baby bottle), make sure that it is BPA, PVS, and Phthalates Free. These chemicals can be harmful to adults. Imagine what harm they may cause in a baby! Always choose an anti-colic baby bottle that can 100% guarantee it’s free of these harmful chemicals.

Blended, not Shaken

We’ve designed the first portable anti-colic baby bottle that is battery-operated and rechargeable so that you can mix powdered baby formula and breast milk for your infant wherever you are. You can also save time. Our high-powered blending technology will ensure that your mix is perfectly blended so that you don’t have to worry about your baby choking on chunks of food or mixture. This is a much better way to mix your milk or formula because it reduces foam and air bubbles from mixing with the milk. This helps your baby cut down on swallowing air, thereby reducing post feeding discomforts. Plus, you can mix formula, rice, or oatmeal cereals in seconds so that you don’t have to spend all that time shaking when you could be spending it with your precious newborn.

Comfort and Convenience

Our anti colic baby bottles are made with the needs of you and your newborn baby in mind. They’re soft and comfortable, with an easy to latch-on to the breast-like nipple. They’re 100% BPA free, PVS free, and Phthalates free, so you don’t have to worry about your baby being exposed to harmful chemicals during feeding time.

Our bottles are also multi-functional and capable of mixing all kinds of formulas and breast milk in mere seconds so that you can spend more time with your child. They’re portable, rechargeable, easy to clean and quick to assemble. Make feeding time comfortable and easy for your newborn (and for yourself!).