All You Need to Know About Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas

It is not uncommon for baby to be a bit gassy. In fact, it is normal. But that certainly doesn’t mean that it is nice or convenient for any of you—including the baby! You want to avoid it or at least deal with it a lot less of the time. A gassy baby is not a happy baby, but you can prevent it. Gas, colic, or reflux are not fun, but they are not usually a serious problem, either. But don’t worry; there are bottles that can help! You can easily get the best baby bottles to prevent gas. Here is what you need to know to find it.

What causes gas, colic, or reflux in babies?

First of all, gas, colic, and reflux are not exactly the same thing, but they all have to do with digestion, and they all result in an unhappy baby who fusses, cries, and spits up. If you are not sure whether it is gas, these are the signs. When baby has gas, he or she will hiccup, pass gas, pull in the legs, or arch the back. Once the gas passes, the baby will start to smile again.

Colic is different. It is a tummy ache, and it can be painful. Baby cries and is in discomfort, which is also not nice for mom and dad. It can be worrying, of course, to have baby crying suddenly for no obvious reason. No one is quite sure about colic, but it is thought to be caused by undigested formula or milk, or food that is not blended or mixed properly. Like gas, it also happens due to air bubbles. There is too much air in the liquid, and that comes from shaking the bottle to blend it better.

With reflux, baby isn’t digesting the food or doesn’t like it and spits it up. That is a big mess, and it means that he or she will need to be changed or bathed, and maybe fed again since a lot of nutrition was spit up as well.

Best Baby Bottles To Prevent Gas

How can a bottle help?

Gas, colic, or reflux generally happens because of what baby is being fed, or because of how he or she is taking food. Usually, the problem is that too much air or foam gets mixed in and swallowed along with the breast milk or formula. Baby bottles that prevent gas eliminate that excess air in three ways: with a high-quality silicone nipple, a built-in blender, and an anti-colic ventilation system on the bottom. Choose a baby bottle with these qualities to help prevent gas.

Choose a bottle with a high-quality nipple.

Most babies are not breast fed all of the time. Most move from bottle to breast several times a day. Find a baby bottle with a nipple that baby can latch onto easily because taking it in and out of the mouth means that the baby will take in air. The best baby bottle to prevent gas should have a silicone nipple that is shaped and sized to seem just like mother’s nipple. Flow size matters here, too. As baby gets bigger, he/she will need a bottle with a larger nipple. The speed of the flow on the nipples should change from slow to fast as baby grows. When the baby has to suck harder, that means that the nipple is too small, so baby will take in more air.

Choose a bottle that mixes right there

Air bubbles can get into formula and cereal when they have to be mixed and remixed, or when they are shaken up. Poorly mixed formula causes more gas than breast milk, and it takes longer to digest. A baby bottle with a built-in mixer is the best baby bottle to prevent gas because it can mix powders, cereals, or milks anywhere, and it mixes very well. There is no extra need for shaking, and there are no undissolved chunks of powder.

Choose a bottle with anti-colic vents

An anti-colic blender bottle with an air vent on the bottom should be a part of your bottle system. With this, any air bubbles that are in the mix are vented out, and the milk or formula can retain more of its goodness.

The best baby bottle to prevent gas will let everyone relax.

The Baby Blendy is a good solution for so many reasons. It is the best baby bottle to prevent gas because it is easy to use, easy to clean, and so very easy to take with you anywhere. It is always ready to go, which takes a lot of the stress away. And when everyone is calm and relaxed, then baby can relax, too. Less worry and less panic are required to get things done on schedule and perfectly.

The bottle is designed to be easy to use.

It’s easy to use because it is easy to hold, with the nipple tilted at just the right angle, as needed. It is all-natural and feels great. Also, it is easy to wash and clean, and there is no problem with putting it in the bag to take along with you wherever you go. This bottle is well designed to be just right for you and your little one.

All You Need to Know About baby bottles to prevent gas

Really, all you need to know about the best baby bottles to prevent gas is that it makes a lot of things easier. The Baby Blendy is a baby bottle that had gas prevention in mind, but more than that, the design of the bottle and the shape makes it useful and attractive. The Baby Blendy bottle has won awards for this design and its usefulness. Mom and Dad can both easily find time to bond with baby, and there is no need to settle for anything—least of all an unhappy, uncomfortable baby!